Yamam - Border Police counter-terrorism unit in Israel.


Yamam - Border Police counter-terrorism unit in Israel.

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I just wanted to write about how I have a massive problem with videos like this.

It’s safe to say that disarming a potential attacker is a risky move. You’re better off handing over your cash or running the fuck away. However, many martial arts do teach forms and moves that may help you get the upper hand against someone wielding a weapon.
This demonstration of Russian martial art Systema’s disarming techniques is laughable.
If you’re going to make a video highlighting techniques, please make sure your opponent acts like a human. This guy is flopping all over the place and, in many instances, has the chance to use his free arm to get out of the situation. Instead he just writhes around on the ground.
Honestly, there’s no difference between this and the videos of that guy who believes he can stop people psychically.

An attacker, as well as having, say, a knife, has TWO ARMS and TWO LEGS. Just as you will use your limbs to get out of a situation, a threatened attacker will use the same.
Getting a potential rapist in an arm lock isn’t magically going to turn him into a puddle of raspberry jam. No, he’s going to use his strength and his other arm to try and power out. Especially against a woman. Which is why I think arm locks and such are shit against rapists unless you’re going to break some bones.
This video just makes no sense. You can’t just expect to grab a knife attacker’s wrist and expect him to buckle. That’s how people get…you guessed it…FUCKING STABBED.

I’m not dismissing Systema as a system. I’m just dismissing this “superhuman” attitude they have towards their demonstrations. There’s exactly zero realness here.
Granted, Systema was meant for military use but, shit, doesn’t that make it worse? What soldier is going to let you snatch his weapon and then instantly roll around on the ground like a dildo?

Martial artists need to stop this. Demonstrate your skills with REALISM in mind. You’re teaching your art to the common man/woman. Why not provide them with scenarios they might actually face instead of the over the top bullshit we so often see. Especially by “masters” who have gotten a name for themselves. It’s just a massive con.

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